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Those last years, for work or leisure, we spent almost half of our time on planes, trains, ferrys, in aiport lounges or car sharing. We happen to make few nice encounters, making new friends or business contacts, always by chance, always having to take on us to start the conversation.
We also discussed with friends stressed by plane travel, regretting not to be able to coordinate our journeys and travel with them so that they could have a comforting person by their side.

We believe in technology when designed to enrich human interactions, we believe in dialog to get to know the others. We also believe that life should be fun, filled with more smiles than yarns.

"A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles."

(Tim Cahill)

Why Sosocial?

When you travel by yourself in mass transportation you spend a lot of time ..
.. time alone without someone to share and comment on the beauty of the landscapes you are crossing,
…wasted time when it is difficult to properly rest or to concentrate on work tasks
So what do you do, look at your smartphone, watch a movie maybe, try to snooze, stress about being thousands of feet above the ground?
We would like to offer you the opportunity to re-appropriate this time, to make it the time of human discovery, of new social links, could be to extend your network if we connect you with a fellow traveler with similar interests, to make friends even before reaching your new university or at the start of backpacking trip, or simply to find a video game partner to play with during the trip or benevolent frequent flyer to reassure you during the flight.

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